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Heli Masters – World Championships 2014 – TrafficPort Venlo



The biggest 3D Contest in the world for RC-Helicopters will be held again in the netherlands from 4th to 6th July. The Competitors are 60 world famous and first-class pilots. They will fly three rounds at its best to become the World Champion of Heli Masters 2014. You can also expect a colorful nightflight competition with a lot of action, lights at saturday the 5th july.

Date Begin: 4. July 2014 from 08:00
Date End: 6. July 2014 to 17:00
Location: TrafficPort Venlo (Map)
Address: Olivier van Noortweg 7, 5928 LX Venlo
Country: flag_netherlands Netherlands
Level: Professional & Advanced
Entry: Dayticket – 15,00€ per day (up to 16 years free)

What is offered at the event?

3D Competition




Stunning Shows


Workshops on stage


Presentations & Product Sales


Professional Catering


Friday, 4. July 2014

Time Program Flightline
08:00 Door opened for visitors
08:00 to 08:15 Competition Start ceremony
Pilots briefing
08:30 to 11:00 Set maneuvers – Part 1
11:01 to 11:15 Sponsor Demos – Friday Part 1
11:16 to 13:00 Set maneuvers – Part 2
13:01 to 13:45 Sponsor Demos – Friday Part 2
13:46 to 16:00 Set maneuvers – Part 3
16:01 to 19:00 Freestyle (Advanced Level)
19:01 to 19:30 Sponsor Demos – Friday Part 3
19:31 to 21:00 Free Smack time
Dinner at main tent with all sponsors and pilots
21:00 Doors closed for visitors

Saturday, 5. July 2014

Time Program Flightline
08:00 Doors open for visitors
08:00 to 10:00 Freestyle time buffer ( Advanced Class )
Freestyle Part 1 (Professional Class )
10:01 to 10:30 Sponsor Demos – Saturday Part 1
10:31 to 12:30 Freestyle Part 2 (Professional Class)
12:31 to 13:30 Sponsor Demos – Saturday Part 2
13:31 to offen Fly to music
(including some demos between flights)
offen to 21:30 Free Smack time
21:31 to 22:30 Night Fly Competition
22:30 open end After Party at main tent with food and drinks + DJ music

Sunday, 6. July 2014

Time Program Flightline
08:00 to 09:30 Free practice for finalists
09:00 Doors open for visitors
09:30 to 10:00 Finals set maneuvers (Advanced Level)
10:01 to 10:15 Sponsor Demos – Sunday Part 1
10:16 to 10:45 Finals set maneuvers (Professional Level)
10:46 to 11:00 Sponsor Demos – Sunday Part 2
11:01 to 11:30 Finals Fly to music (Advanced Level)
11:31 to 12:00 Sponsor Demos – Sunday Part 3
12:01 to 12:30 Finals Fly to music (Professional Level)
12:31 to 13:00 Sponsor Demos – Sunday Part 4
13:01 to 13:30 Finals Freestyle (Advanced Level)
13:31 to 14:00 Sponsor Demos – Sunday Part 5
14:01 to 14:30 Finals Freestyle (Professional Level)
14:40 to 15:15 Award Ceremony
15:15 to 15:45 Victory Flights
16:00 Livestream Interviews

Our menu – served from professionals to our guests

Will published next months.

Where´s the competition site?

We marked the industrial area in GoogleMaps next to the TrafficPort Venlo. The competition site is west to the industrial area:

TrafficPort Venlo, Olivier van Noortweg 7, 5928 LX Venlo, Netherlands

Where can I buy tickets?

From now on the tickets for Heli Masters 2014 in Venlo/Netherlands are available

Don´t waste any time to order your tickets for a breathtaking weekend with a spectacular 3D Contest, Nightflight Competition and a lot of demonstration flights from well-known RC-helicopter pilots.

3 Day Weekend Ticket

best price, most action

  • All three days Heli Masters
  • Access at Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Presentation and trade fair
  • 3D Contest preliminary round
  • 3D Contest finals
  • Nightflight Contest at Saturday
Order now

3 Day Weekend + Seat Ticket

best price, most action, best view

  • All three days Heli Masters
  • Access at Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Presentation and trade fair
  • 3D Contest preliminary round
  • 3D Contest finals
  • Nightflight Contest at Saturday
  • Seat on the VIP tribune
Order now

Which pilots will participate in this competition?

Who are the judges?

  • Alan Szabo Jr.
  • Chris Walton
  • Dominik Hägele
  • Kim Jensen
  • Sylvere Rey

Where i find the hotel nearby?

In cooperation with the nearby hotel to the TrafficPort Venlo we recommend all visitors, pilots and sponsors to book their hotel rooms in the Van der Valk Hotel Venlo. Since first event we stay since in this hotel and feel very well with the friendly services. We hope you enjoy your time as well.

Where i find the airports nearby?

For all the guests coming by plane there are three airports close to venlo:

  • Düsseldorf (Germany) 75km distance (Website)
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) 170km distance (Website)
  • Frankfurt (Germany) 284km distance (Webseite)

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